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Arctic King Dual-Hose Portable AC Units: Cheap, Hard to Find

Arctic King is a brand of dual-hose portable air conditioner. They are manufactured in China and Arctic King is itself a Chinese brand. Even with shipping, they have a price advantage over similar units manufactured elsewhere. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find product currently in stock in the United States on these models.

Dual hose

The dual, as opposed to single hose for exhaust allows better air exchange and a more efficient unit. Arctic King utilizes this in their largest unit – they can use a less powerful (and less noisy) fan and although not Energy Star certified, less energy overall.

The dual hose set up also helps increase the dehumidification function, since moist air can be vented outside to prevent excessive water condensation and accumulation in the unit. Like all portables that are true air conditioners, venting to the outside is required.


Arctic King 8000 BTU

Three main units are sold in the portable air conditioner market by Arctic King. These are similar except for cooling capacity. There are the 8,000; 10,000; and 12,000 BTU models.

  • 8,000 BTU – Single hose unit comes with a temperature sensing auto start, bucketless design (water is intended to be vented outside or through a drain hose), 24 hour timer, remote and washable filter. It is rated for up to 350 square feet.1 Although this unit is listed through Walmart at $271.00 it appears to be unavailable.2 Amazon lists it as in stock for $284.
  • 10,000 BTU – Single hose unit, 3 cooling speeds, remote, timer, and bucketless design. Washable filter and rated for up to 450 square feet. Prices online for this unit are all over the map, ranging from a low of $2803 to a mid-range of $3504 and up to $4165. Availability seems to be good.
  • 12,000 BTU – This is a true dual hose design and takes full advantage of it. Dehumidification is quite good at 61 pint capacity. Fresh air is drawn in through one hose and stale room air sent out the other. It has a 3-speed fan, bucketless design, remote, timer and washable filter. Cooling capacity is up to 500 square feet. Price: $387, through Sears.6


Customer reviews

Poor ratings mentioned an unattractive design and poor workmanship. The LED display is compared to a “gigantic spaceship control panel.” This is of less concern than mentions of not being able to get through to, nor understand, the customer service people.



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