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Energy Efficient Heating Tips for Fall and Winter

Energy efficient heating can save you money! Here are a few key things you can do in the fall each year to help your heating system run at peak efficiency.

Fall is upon us and winter not too far off. Just the time to start thinking of how to stay warm efficiently–using less energy and less money. There are a few important things you can do in the fall to save energy and money.
Fall leaves...
Here are some HVAC maintenance tips from Doug Matz of See link to original article below.

” • Perform basic HVAC system maintenance. Turn the system’s power off and sweep around the outdoor unit to remove dirt, leaves and debris that can clog the condensing unit, wasting energy.
• Replace air filters in the heating system monthly. A dirty filter restricts airflow causing the unit to run longer and use more energy. Buy a season’s worth of air filters to keep on hand.”

Even ACboy is guilty of not replacing filters in a timely manner. This may be the easiest maintenance tip, yet the most overlooked. Get on it!

” • Keep registers and air returns free from obstructions like furniture. The heating system will work more effectively. Vacuuming vents also promotes airflow and helps eliminate static and dust.
• Clean refrigerator condenser coils. Vacuum or use a long, narrow brush to clear dust, to promote energy efficiency.
• Use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient CFLs that are designed to last longer.”

Notice a trend here? Keeping the airflow flowing is critical. Whether at the unit itself: sweeping around the outside unit, or inside making sure vents are clear of air flow blocks–keeping the air moving is key.

Using the slightly more expensive CFL bulbs is another piece of low-hanging energy efficiency fruit that even the most fumble-fingered of us can do. Another good thing about the CFL bulbs is that they last a long time. Put it in and forget about it.

Mr. Matz also recommends keeping fireplace dampers closed when not in use and reversing the spin direction of ceiling fans. Warm air rises, so you want to push it down so you can actually feel the warmth.

If you have any other quality winter heating efficiency tips, then by all means leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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