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The LG 9000 BTU LP0910WNR Portable AC Review

If you need to cool a single room the LG Electronics 9000 BTU portable ac unit may be an option. (Reviews are mixed, so check the Pros and Cons section. –acboy) As with all portable ac units, it is portable, but it must be tethered to an exhaust hose. So when deciding where your new portable will go in your room, keep in mind that it will have to be near a window for proper ventilation. You’ll have to install a window kit also, which isn’t too difficult. If you are handy with a screwdriver, you should be ok. The window kit allows you to vent your portable air conditioner without letting your cold air escape. And lastly, with all portables, you’ll have to empty the condensate water tray as water will build up with use, especially if your hose is longer. On with the review.

How Large a Room Will The LG 9000 BTU Cool?
Up to a 300 square feet room. With all portables, it’s best to stay within the manufacturer’s specified room size. Don’t expect a 9000BTU unit to cool larger spaces or multiple rooms.


  • 9000 Btu cooling power
  • Comes with an infra-red remote control
  • Digital controls
  • 24 Hour on/off timer
  • 2-way air direction
  • Washable air filter
  • Usually there’s a 90 warranty. Check before purchasing.
  • Window kit included.
  • Casters on the bottom so you can roll it around. (Though you won’t be moving it anywhere once you’ve connected the exhaust vent hose.)

LP0910WNR Model Specs:

  • EER: 9.2
  • Cooling area (square feet): 300
  • Unit WxHxD: 17 1/32″ x 31 9/32″ x 11 13/16″
  • Unit weight: 55lbs.
  • Unit in shipping box: 19 7/16″ x 34 13/32″ x 15 1/2″
  • Shipping weight, in box: 66.2lbs
  • Display panel: LED
  • Outdoor vent: exhaust only
  • Has thermostat control
  • Color: white
  • Voltage: 115
  • Watts: 980
  • Rated Amps: 9.2


  • Blows cold air.
  • Easy install.


  • Some reported the LP0910WNR was loud, especially on high setting
  • Draining water is awkward
  • If your vent hose is too long, or has bends, heat can build up and turn the exhaust vent into a heater.
  • If your room is too hot, then the unit may shut itself down. This is a safety feature, and some users report having the unit shut down when they need cooling the most.
  • The exhaust hose and window kit is a flimsy and should handled with care.
  • Occasionally cycles warm air with cold air.

A note on aggregated reviews:
The reviews coming straight from LG’s site are much better than reviews from other sites. The LG site rate this 9000 BTU ac unit a 4/5 stars, but Amazon and elsewhere rate it much lower.


  • Make sure the water drain release knob is tight. If it’s loose, you’ll get a wet floor!
  • After purchasing, the LP0910WNR need to sit upright for 24 hours to let the coolant settle.
  • Keep the exhaust vent hose as short as possible.
  • Do not use extension cords.

Prices for the LG LP0910WNR:
Home Depot: $268
Amazon: $389

Bottom Line:
Reviews are decidedly mixed on this unit, so proceed with caution. There were usual noise complaints which are typical for most portables, but more concerning were intermittent auto shut-offs. In hot weather, some customers reported units shutting down–right when you nee them the most. Some customers also reported difficulty draining condensate water. If your room size is right at, or above, 300 sq. ft., you might want to consider the 12000BTU LG LP1200dxr model. Also, models by Supentown or Soleus get typically good ratings and might be worth investigating. For more info on portables in general, please see our ACboy Portable info page. And here is our Soleus portable reviews page.

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