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Soleus’s Line of Portable AC Units: Models and Reviews

Soleus International markets their air handling products under the Soleus Air brand. They do not sell directly to consumers but you can call their customer service line at 1-888-8Soleus (9:30 to 5:00 Pacific Time) and they will direct you to a retailer1. The main online retailer is Medwing at


Soleus air seems to market several identical models under different model numbers. This may be retailer specific or because they have made cosmetic changes. The nomenclature found on their distributor’s website is used here, but the same models will appear with different designations elsewhere. For example, the SGPAC-10-E5 (on their main site) is listed as the KY100-E5 on another retail site and a similar model as the PE6-10R-03 on a third.

Soleus SG-Pac10-E5

For this reason, models are listed below by cooling capacity and features instead of model numbers. Consumers are cautioned to make sure they know what they are buying, especially for online purchases. Also of note is that not all Soleus products are true air conditioners. They also make evaporative coolers. Listed here are only portable air conditioners – not coolers.

  • 8,000 BTU – A true portable, this unit only weighs about 50 pounds, making it easy to move on casters. The cooling capacity is only 125 square feet, but price is only about $250.3
  • 10,000 BTU – Two main styles, one tall and slender and the other short and squat. Both are single hose units with 24 hour timer, thermostat and remote. Cooling capacity up to 300 square feet.4 Price from $330 to $419.5 Units exhaust condensate through the vent hose, making these designs bucketless.
  • 12,000 BTU – At this level, Soleus markets heat pumps rather than simple portables. The company already makes a line of room heaters, so adding the ability to heat as well as cool is a good fit. Cooling capacity up to 400 square feet. It comes with remote control, timer, and washable filter. Heating capacity is also 12,000 BTU. Bucketless design, oscillating louvers. Price: $400.6
  • 14,000 BTU – This is also a dual hose unit with a heater function. The heating output is 12,000 BTU. Remote, auto restart, timer, bucketless design. 3-speed oscillating fan. Cooling capacity is up to 500 square feet.7 Price: $450 to $480.

Customer reviews

Complaints centered around noise, inability to cool to rated room area and hoses that didn’t last as long as expected. The hoses are plastic covered wire types and damaged by sunlight so that the plastic tore, causing air leakage. Replacement hoses are available from another manufacturer that avoid this problem. 8

Some purchasers commented the units didn’t push water out of the vent hose as advertised and required emptying. One suggestion was to elevate the unit to make the drain plug more accessable.9

There were many positive reviews as well. Consumers thought the manufacturer and retailers responsive and quick to accept and replace units when faulty. Noise concerns seemed to be in comparison to window units (where the compressor is outside) instead of other portables.



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