Jill Valentine – Resident Evil HD Remaster Guide

Jill Valentine – Resident Evil HD Remaster Guide

Jill Valentine is the machine specialist of Alpha Team and also has impressive lockpicking skills. She is trained in explosive ordinance disposal and recieved

Resident Evil HD Remaster (PS4) – Jill Walkthrough Part 1 – Barry Burton & Jill Valentine

The next gen ps4 xbox one and pc version of the remake for the original Resident evil / biohazard is here!
This is my walkthrough with Jill on Hard difficulty on the Playstation 4 version of Resident Evil HD Remastered.

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Resident Evil HD Remaster – Jill Walkthrough Part 1

Jill complete Walkthrough to good ending.

☣ [PS4] Resident Evil HD Remaster – Jill (Army) “Real Survival” Mode – Every Woman for Herself! HD

Resident Evil HD REmaster (1080p HD) (Annotated Walkthrough)

Platform: PS4
Mode: Real Survival (Hard)
Character: Jill – (Army Jill)

Finish Time: 02:01:03
Saves: 1

I like using Army Jill. One of her better outfits I think, and one of my personal favs.

Halfway through this run I decided to not save Chris or Barry. Whenever I played the original remake on the GameCube I would ALWAYS save Barry … and sometimes Chris (lol). But since this is Real Survival, and for a change of pace I decided to not save anyone, and as it turns out there’s a trophy for it (lol).

Thanks for reading. (⌒_⌒)

Resident Evil Remaster Jill Walkthrough [No Damage]

Resident Evil Remaster Jill Walkthrough. Real Survival mode. No damage, slight usage of self defense items. 100% completion/all pickups. Best ending. 60fps, PC version.

==Mansion== (0:03:46)
0:00:00 Intro
0:07:43 Wesker?
0:10:11 Golden Arrow
0:10:49 Blue Gem
0:12:01 Book of Curses
0:16:21 Shotgun
0:19:05 Special Instructions
0:21:59 Dog Whistle / A crumpled Memo
0:22:46 Botany Book
0:26:36 Chemical
0:30:41 A can of fizz
0:32:18 Dog Collar
0:36:12 Blue Gem Recovery
0:38:44 Broken Shotgun
0:40:34 Armor Key
0:43:48 Keeper’s Diary
0:45:21 Tiger 1
0:48:15 Grenade Launcher / Forest
0:50:07 Death Mask 1
0:52:05 Death Mask 2
0:54:52 Researcher’s Will
0:55:49 Wind Crest
0:59:44 What happened?
1:01:41 Death Mask 3
1:03:27 Serum
1:05:10 Recovery
1:06:50 Musical Score 1
1:10:37 Musical Score 2
1:11:49 Trevor’s Diary 1 / Emblem
1:13:19 Shield Key
1:15:33 Yawn / Death Mask 4 / Assault Shotgun
1:19:41 Death Masks

==Courtyard== (1:23:41)
1:27:50 Silver Serpent
1:30:27 Family Picture 1 / Square Crank

==Dormitory/Residence== (1:37:55)
1:39:16 Red Book
1:42:20 Fresh air
1:43:49 Plant 42 Report
1:45:21 Residence Key 1
1:46:53 Self-defense Gun / Suicide Note
1:47:47 Control Room Key
1:50:05 Neptune Tank
1:54:58 Residence Key 2
1:58:22 Insecticide Spray / Residence Key 3
2:00:11 V-Jolt / Red Book
2:02:41 UMB No.20
2:08:52 Plant 42

==Return to the Mansion== (2:13:09)
2:18:12 Eagle Medal / Trevor’s Diary 3
2:28:33 Battery
2:30:10 Yawn / Wolf Medal
2:32:55 Mail to the Chief of Security / Red Gem
2:36:46 Trevor’s Diary
2:37:33 Emblem Key
2:40:32 Yellow Gem
2:41:51 Tiger 2 / MO Disk 1
2:43:56 Metal Object
2:48:38 Elevator

==Underground / Courtyard B1== (2:50:31)
2:51:41 Enrico
2:54:39 Black Tiger
2:57:32 Cylinder
3:01:34 Shaft / Barry
3:06:25 Broken Flamethrower
3:09:04 Stone Ring / Family Picture 2

==Altair== (3:18:06)
3:20:39 Family Picture 3

==Laboratory== (3:26:06)
3:27:48 MO Disk 2
3:29:24 Researcher’s Letter
3:31:11 V-ACT / Passwords
3:33:33 Slide Filter / FAX / Passcode 1
3:35:54 Security Protocols / Kenneth’s Film / Laboratory Key / MO Disk 3
3:41:13 Passcode 2
3:43:46 Fuel
3:48:16 Passcode 3
3:49:11 Power
3:50:39 Let’s go
3:55:10 Observation Note
3:58:41 Jill
4:04:58 End

4:07:58 Stats

FAQ Section
Q: Where did the Closet Key com from?
A: New Game+ item, placed automatically in the box. Does not affect story, nor gives any tactical advantage.

Q: Why did Richard not survive during my run?
A: There’s a 5 minute real time timer for your Serum run and that includes even door loading times too! If you’re having issues then skip all errands and go back to Richard immediately.
However, if you decide to face the consequences or don’t have a save, then this event does not affect the ending, but you will miss out on some secondary gear.

Q: Why did the door knob break for me? How do I get past that door?
A: You’re playing on a difficulty below Real Survivor. You would need to go back to the main hall, go down to the first floor and enter the gallery room. Enter the L-shaped room and follow the corridor. Expect surprises and be sure that you unlock a shortcut in the gallery.

Q: Why is there so much backtracking?
A: There isn’t. This is played on Real Survivor, where all item boxes are disconnected. All essential items are moved between the boxes when needed. If you’re playing on a lower difficulty then you can just skip through the “courier” segments.

Captured at 1920x1080p FXAA3HQ, 60fps.

Chris Walkthrough (Remaster):
Jill Walkthrough (Original):

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