Master Elder Kai – Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide

Master Elder Kai – Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide

For this quest, you have to form a team at the team registration booth (you have to be team leader), then recruit two girl charcters and show them to Elder

Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Defeat Yourself! Elder Kai Training

So I’m doing the Elder Kai training and everything seems pretty simple…until this happens! By the way, I’m only level 84. I heard that you have to be a high level to unlock the last part of the training. Let me know in the comments!


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Elder Kai Master/Mentor Quest 1 | Dragon Ball Xenoverse |

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DragonBall Xenoverse Master Elder Kai Training

dragon ball xenoverse master/mentor elder kai training. with unlock potential.

when you have the elder kai as your mentor there’s a chance that he will say it’s your lucky day, which means the RNG percentage goes up a lot so its easier to get an ultimate finish from a parallel quest with an item.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse – All Skills 100% Drop Rate Guide

This is AMAZING!! Shout out to Anime Games Online for a great guide! In this video I break it down as much as I can in order to obtain this amazing breakthrough in order to obtain those hard Ultimate and Super skills that just won’t unlock. Say goodbye to endless nights farming, playing quests over and over hoping to get the x100 Big Bang Kamehameha to drop. Now all you have to do is purchase DLC Pack 3, Revival of F Pack and make Elder Kai your master. Go to single player lobby and create a team of you and two cute girls, “They have to be cute” once you do this play a quest and back out, talk to elder kai, if he say’s “sit, sit let me see, I see.. an enormous tree.. and.. a golden fruit growing from it! You’re in luck! You can’t get luckier than this! Why not check out the parallel quests!?” Bam once you see this message, play a quest that has the hardest skills to obtain, and if you win, you will get every skill available in that particular quest. NOTE- You must do this everytime for it to work. Please leave a comment if you have any questions, Like if it helped you out like it helped me, share to your friends to help them out and Subscribe for more awesome content! Thank you my friends! Batman Arkham Knight is almost here and close to 500 Subs! You guys are awesome!!
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