Route 15 – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide

Route 15 – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Part 48: Route 15

Route 13, Route 14, and Route 15 | Pokemon Red and Blue Walkthrough Part 23

In this part, we speed through these three trainer-filled routes to make our way back to fuchsia city. We got a lot of experience and money on the way,which will be very important and harder to come by in the later part of the game.

Pokémon Red and Blue – Fighting on Route 15 (Part 91)

Pokémon Red and Blue – Fighting on Route 15 (Part 91) Fighting and training on route 15. Bellsprout learns Poison Powder at level 15, and Bellsprout learns Sleep Powder at level 18. Pokemon red and blue lets play, pokemon red and blue walkthrough, pokemon red and blue gameplay, pokemon red and blue games, pokemon red and blue 3ds.

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Pokemon Yellow Route 15

This video is of Route 15 in Pokemon Yellow, played on a Super Game Boy.
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